A Blu-ray disc can be the perfect tool for movie lovers and cameramen to create home-made movies thanks to its splendid capacity. Having hours long recorder or edited videos on your computer, you may burn the video files to a Blu-ray disc for personalized film DVD with a computer.

To burn videos to a Blu-ray disc, you will need a professional Blu-ray authoring application. However, there’s a massive amount of Blu-ray authoring software in the market, it’s indeed hard to narrow down a best-of-the-best choice. Still, we manage to warp up a list of 5 top Blu-ray authoring software for Windows and Mac.

To start your Blu-ray movie disc creation, please continue your browsing and pick up one that fits you most.

5 Best Blu-ray Authoring Software for Windows and Mac:

  1. Ashampoo Burning Studio
  2. Leawo Prof. Media
  3. Tipard Blu-ray Creator
  4. Cyberlink Power2Go
  5. AnyBurn

1. Ashampoo Burning Studio- Blu-ray authoring software for Windows&Mac

Ashampoo is, no doubt, currently the one wearing the crown while talking about Blu-ray authoring, copying, ripping, and burning.

Capable of burning almost all digital formats, the Ashampoo Blu-ray Creator can help you create a high-quality movie Blu-ray disc with preferred audio and video files, including ISO files and BD folders.

Supporting all BD5, BD9, BD25, and BD50, you’re able to decide the resolution as well as output quality of the videos for the BD authoring. Being accurate to MB/S, you may set the video quality as Same as Source or a correct Mbps value.

About Ashampoo

  • Compatible with 200+ file formats;
  • Can handle BD5, BD9, BD25, and BD50;
  • Custom resolution and file quality, accurate to MB/S;
  • Supports personalized Menu.

2. Leawo Prof. Media – Blu-ray authoring software for Windows&Mac

As a versatile Blu-ray manager, Leawo Prof. Media is capable of authoring, ripping, copying, burning, creating, and cloning Blu-ray discs without quality loss.

As for its Blu-ray authoring feature – Leawo Blu-ray Creator, it covers 180+ digital video and audio file formats, including regular MP4, MKV, AVCHD, MKV, AVI as well as ISO images, BDMV, BD Folder. You may burn all kinds of video to a Blu-ray disc with this program very easily.

Better yet, Leawo Blu-ray Creator gives users the availability to edit footage. In this way, Blu-ray creators can skip a video editor program and use Leawo’s in-app video editor to beautify the movie.

For instance:

  • Leawo offers a 3D effect enhancement. You may choose one of the 6 types of 3D technology(Red/Green, Left/Right, etc.) and uses a pair of suitable 3D glasses to watch a 3D BD movie at home.
  • For filmed videos, you’re available to get rid of all noises with its Remove Noise feature.

Features of Leawo Prof. Media:

  • All-in-one for Blu-ray copying, ripping, cloning, and authoring;
  • Compatible with 180+ formats and all Blu-ray disc types(bar the Blu-ray Mini);
  • Offers in-app video/audio editor to trim, edit, modify the video;
  • Provides 40+ types of templates for customized Menu.

Free Download Here:

3. Tipard Blu-ray Creator – Blu-ray authoring software for Windows

Famous as lightweight, fast, efficient, and simple, Tipard Blu-ray Creator enables users to create a movie BD with almost all digital formats in lossless quality with ultimate burning speed.

Faster than most of its competitors, Tipard can burn up-to-50 files simultaneously within minutes without any quality loss.

Surprisingly, Tipard gives users the chance to create a professional-like movie disc. The program ensures that users can decide the template, scene of the Menu, the background music, opening film, and titles of the Blu-ray disc. Besides, if your footage lacks a subtitle track, you’re available to add or create one manually within this app.

To warp up

  • Lightweight, easy, fast;
  • Supports multitask for file burning;
  • Highly customized in video quality, BD Menu, and BD style;
  • Optional to edit, clip, split, and merge videos;
  • Available to add, create, and change subtitle tracks.

Free Download Here:

How to burn files to a Blu-ray disc with Tipard Blu-ray Creator

Step 1 Launch Tipard Blu-ray Creator on your computer

Step 2 Pop in your Blu-ray disc to the disc drive

Step 3 Add media files to Tipard

Step 4 Decide the profile parameters of the videos

Step 5 Design the Menu of the Blu-ray disc

Step 6 Complete the authoring process

4.Power2Go – Windows Blu-ray authoring software

Designed by Cyberlink, Power2Go works perfectly in Blu-ray authoring with its new enhanced features.

Programmed as easy and efficient, an intuitive interface and the drag&drop burning please its users. Don’t need to mention that this is also a program that supports personal creation. With the program installed, users may design a tailor-made Menu for the movie disc with background music, photo gallery, chapters, titles, etc.

Amazingly, if you care so much about the privacy of the Blu-ray disc while creating the disc, you’re available to encrypt it with Power2Go’s military-grade 256-bit one-click encrypting methods. No one can get through that and peek at your movie Blu-ray disc.

Features of Power2Go

  • Easy and intuitive, drag&drop to start authoring;
  • Offers built-in video editor features;
  • Customized titles, chapters, Menu, background music, and photo gallery;
  • Provides military-grade encryption methods to protect privacy.

Download Power2Go for your Windows computer:

5. AnyBurn – Windows Blu-ray authoring freeware

Looking for a free and powerful Blu-ray authoring program? Try, AnyBurn.

This is an easy, user-friendly, and lightweight BD creator for all Windows computers, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit.

For low-end computers, this is the perfect tool to burn Blu-ray discs due to its low system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 166MHz or higher.
  • At least 64MB of RAM.
  • At least 10MB of hard disk space.
  • An optical drive.

I guess you cannot find anyone that asks for lower or equal. As a result of its simplicity, you will less likely to experience lags while using it.

Same as all the other tools in this tutorial, AnyBurn covers most digital file-formats including ISO and BD folders. You can use it to burn all kinds of files to a Blu-ray disc.

However, the program is only capable of simple authoring that users are unavailable to edit, clip, split, and decide the quality of the output videos. Worse yet, if you’re a movie disc creator, the program won’t let you add and edit Menu or do any other enhancement at all.

Pros and Cons of AnyBurn

  • Easy-to-use and lightweight BD authoring freeware;
  • Low system requirements, causes less lags;
  • Supports most digital files and Blu-ray discs;
  • Unavailable to add, design, and edit Menu or background music.

Install AnyBurn for Windows machine:

To warp up:

These are the information on the 5 best Blu-ray authoring software for Windows and Mac computers. You may pick up one that attracts you most and start your Blu-ray creation right away.