Best and Most Portable Spotify MP3 Player in 2021

Perhaps you would agree that the MP3 player is less useful, since we can do most tasks on smartphones.

While most social applications are designed to catch our attention, it is normal for us: after replying to a message, we don’t put down the smartphone but scroll Instagram for several hours, and then regret it.

So, more and more users consciously preserve their attention. For instance, they listen to Spotify songs on an MP3 player, and read ebooks on Kindle.

In this article, we would share the best Spotify MP3 player and how to listen to Spotify on other devices not cost a cent.

Part 1. 5 Best Spotify MP3 Players in 2021

We will introduce 5 MP3 players that are able to play Spotify music. Pick one that is the most portable and useful based on your needs.

If you already have an MP3 player, we would recommend you to download Spotify Offline music and import those files in the MP3 player, since it would be more wallet-friendly and eco-friendly.

1. No Screen Spotify MP3 Player — Mighty Vibe $109

Mighty Vibe

With a screenless MP3 player, you will get rid of the struggle of scrolling the screen. For those who want to listen to music while running, this player is the one you shouldn’t miss. Because you won’t need to hold your phone while running, which is much more lightweight. (If you want to swim with Mighty Vibe, you should choose the waterproof version.)

Mighty Vibe is quite similar to the iPod, but Mighty Vibe is more advanced, which can play Spotify playlist and support wireless headphones for 5 hours.

Moreover, it can import Spotify songs with the Mighty app, and it is able to store 1000 offline songs of Spotify playlist and Podcast. Furthermore, it will automatically update your playlists and podcasts each night, so that you will be able to listen to the new songs without syncing the playlist by yourself.

However, only Spotify Premium users can listen to Spotify music on Mighty Vibe, if you are not a Premium user but also want to play Spotify Music on this player, then you should check this method.

2. Latest iPod Product — iPod Touch $199

iPod Touch 7th

If you prefer using iOS devices, take a look at the only products in the ipod series — iPod touch 7th. Overall, its configuration is pretty similar to the iPhone 7. (For sure, you can play Spotify Music on old iPhone, which will save your time and money)

iPod Touch 7th is packed with A10 Fusion chip, 4-inch display and 32/128/256G storage. For a media player, it is good enough. It supports playing AAC, AIFF, FLAC, and Dolby digital format, so you can listen to lossless sounds. (However, remember to connect wired headphones to your devices, since bluetooth connection is not lossless)

3. Profitable DAP — Fiio M6 $199

Fiio M6

For those who want to play high-quality music on an portable Android-based Digital Audio Player, Fiio M6 will meet your needs, since it supports lossless file format.

Also, Spotify HiFi will be released this year, so you will be able to play Spotify HiFi music soon. (Click this, and you would know how to enjoy Spotify high-quality songs right now.)

With the toughened glass in the 3.2-inch screen and back panel, this tiny gadget will stably stay in your hand.

Moreover, it can be used as a DAC, when it connects to the desktop. DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) is a device which is able to translate digitally stored information from a laptop into the sound we hear.

Well, the 2GB internal storage (500 songs) may not be enough, you need to put in a SD card if you would prefer to keep offline music in the MP3 player.

4. Tiny Tablet Built for Swimming — Delphin Waterproof $220

Delphin Waterproof

Have you ever wished for a tiny screen to play music while swimming? Delpin Waterproof is totally designed for the swimmer. You will be able to install many apps on it, since its operating system is Android.

Before taking it to the swimming pool, make sure you have downloaded offline music at home, because it does not support Wi-Fi while in the water. There are two storage options: 8G and 16G, so you can store 2000/4000 songs in the player.

Although 8/16G storage and 6 hours music playing battery is not enough to beat other devices, considering it is a waterproof tiny gadget, it is still the best Spotify MP3 player for swimming.

5. The High-end Spotify MP3 Player — Astell & Kern SR25 $699

Astell & Kern SR25

If you are searching for a high-end MP3 Player, you should take a look at Astell&Kern SR25, which was released in 2020. Astell & Kern SR25 try to keep the MQS (Mastering Quality Sound), the studio recording sound, as much as possible.

At first glance, you may be amazed at the crooked screen, users reported this design will make them use and hold the player easier. The proportioned and metal body only weighs 178 g.

Also, it allows playing 21 hours FLAC music with a 3150mAh battery. The internal storage is 64G, you can insert a SD card to get more space.

What is more, the firmware of SR25 is based on Android 9.0, which has been upgraded and added more features, so that you will be able to stably use the Spotify app and other applications of streaming platforms.

Part 2. How to Add the Spotify Music to Old MP3 Player

The most economical choice is reusing the old devices you have such as the MP3 player, tablet, old iPhone/Android phone.

When you find an old MP3 player, don’t throw it away. To play Spotify music on an MP3 player, you can also download the music files and import it to the player.

The illusion will divide into two sections: let us download the songs to our PC first, then transfer the files from PC to the old player.

How to Download the Spotify Songs to Desktop

Before downloading the music files from Spotify to your PC, we need to install a helpful music downloader, since the offline music will be stored pisces by pisces, it is difficult for us to directly get the files.

Musify Music Downloader helps you get the comprehensive files that are compatible with anyplayer. As a professional downloader, it is packed with amazing features:

For instance, its downloading process is user-friendly, paste the sharelink then you will be able to download Spotify Song/Albums/ Playlist. Furthermore, it supports downloading lossless songs from Spotify, which will enhance your listening experience.

Besides, it can convert online video to music files, so if you watched a MV on YouTube, you can save the songs by copying the link to Musify, and it will automatically download the lyrics when it is available.

Follow the steps below, you will know how to download Spotify music:

Step 1: Copy the Share Link of Spotify Songs/Albums/Playlist

Open Spotify, select a song/album/playlist you want, click the three-dot icon on the centre of the interface, choose Share > Copy link to playlist on the floating list.

Get Share Link on the Spotify Web Player

Step 2: Edit the Downloading Format and Quality

Launch Musify Music Downloader, click the setting icon on the top right of the interface. Go to the Download tab > 1-Click Download Mode, you will see the Format and Quality.

If your MP3 player supports FLAC format and the storage is big enough, we would suggest choosing FLAC format and best quality so that you can listen to High-quality Spotify music.

Edit the Format as FLAC and the Quality as Best

Step 3: Start to Download and Find the Music Files

Click the Paste URL button, then you will see a list of music on a popping window, select the Download button and the songs will be downloaded. (while it is a sharelink of a song, the downloading process will immediately begin.)

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

Press the Downloaded tab, and click the folder icon on the right of a song, you will see the music files, let us transfer them to the MP3 player right now.

How to Open a Output Folder

How to Transfer Spotify Music Files from Desktop to MP3 Player

Step 1: Connect the MP3 Player to PC

Connect the MP3 player to your PC with a USB/USB-C cable, which is sent with your player.

Step 2: Move the Music Files to MP3 player

Switch to the output folder, then select those songs in the folder, press “Ctrl + C” (Windows)/ “Command + C”(Mac) to copy them.

Go to the music folder of the MP3 player and press “Ctrl +V” (Windows)/ “Command+V” to paste the songs. Then, when you see the songs shown in the folder, disconnect the MP3 player and desktop, you can play the Spotify music on your MP3 player right now.


Now, you know which Spotify MP3 player is the best for you based on your needs. There are 5 players we mentioned, for example, if you want to carry the player while running, Mighty Vibe will be the best. While you want a portable high-quality player, you should choose Fiio M6.

Of course, if you already have an old MP3 player, we will recommend you to play Spotify music on the old MP3 player first, since you can not only save at least $100 but also play the Spotify music on your old player in several minutes.

With the help of Musify Music Downloader, the process of downloading music files from Spotify will be simpler. After that, copy the audio files to the MP3 player then you will be able to play Spotify music on your MP3 player.

Once you have played the Spotify music on your MP3 player, you can leave your iPhone alone and listen to the Spotify music while working or doing exercise. Why not do it right now!