Introduction: With plenty of different 4K BD/DVD player software to choose from, which ones are the best? Here’s a look at Echoshare’s top picks – from free players to pay items, hope you can find your dream 4K player.

Want a paradise-like pleasure? Well, that’s simple. Go watch a 4K movie.

The 4K image undoubtedly brings us ultra entertainment. Luckily, it’s unnecessary to watch a 4K movie at the cinema or with an expensive advanced TV. We can simply buy a 4K Blu-ray dis and watch it on our computers with the help of a powerful 4K BD/DVD media player.

When it comes to the best 4K BD player, it’s hard to narrow things down into a best-of-the-best list, especially since there’s an endless array of great options available.

Still, I manage to locate 5 best 4K BD/DVD player software that you can use to enjoy the 4K image on a computer. All my recommendations of the best 4K media players based on overall testing are as follow.

1. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player – A simple and friendly 4K BD/DVD player

First, let’s take a glance at a very easy-to-use 4K BD/DVD player, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player.

You can use it as a free 4K video player since it supports playing 4K videos in MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC, TS, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and WebM formats.

Personally speaking, this is the exact tool for those who are sick of a complex operation. Once installed, you can click the Open Disc button to start a 4K playback, the player will instantly start to decode your Blu-ray disc and deliver you the 4K image in 5 seconds (Maybe the fastest loading capacity, others take 15 seconds or more).

Aiseesoft Blu Ray Player

Besides the 4K playback capacity and extreme ease, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player ensures you hear every nuance of the 4K movie without any loss of quality under the support of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Still, the program has a significant downside that it takes at least 40% CPU resources to play 4K video on a low-end computer.

All in all, this is a very easy-to-use 4K media player which gives you excellent video & audio enjoyment.

Tip: Now, you can click the button below to download this 4K BD/DVD player software on your PC for Free!

2. Cyberlink PowerDVD 20 Ultra – A portable 4K/3D Theatre

Boasting as the ‘World’s NO.1 Movie & Media Player’, Cyberlink PowerDVD 20 does have its unique ability. Except for 4K/8K playback and 3D effect, the program offers a VR/360 enhancement so you can watch a 4K movie in VR vision with suitable equipment at home. Even if you don’t have a VR headset, you can still watch 360-degree videos by selecting the Tri-View Mode.

PowerDVD Blu Ray Player

Unlike most 4K players, PowerDVD not only plays videos on your computer or from a BD/DVD but can also run YouTube videos or online movies with the built-in on-demand library.

With its free Android, iOS, and TV companion versions, you can utilize it on your phone or big-screen TV and enjoy a 4K movie flexibly. If you’re worried about watching a 4K movie on your phone kills your credit, don’t be. PowerDVD offers a 100GB space for cloud storage so that you can upload a movie onto the cloud and watch the on-the-go movie anytime and anywhere you like.

Similar to DVDFab Player, PowerDVD will charge $99.99 for a lifetime license for its Ultra version that supports 4K playback as well as all the great features above.

You may download the program on your PC and start a 4K BD/DVD playback right away.

3. VLC Media Player – A free and powerful media player

I guess most of you might already know this, right? VLC is just great. Back then, we used to download songs and movies from the internet and apply to VLC for playback, which we still do right now. And what surprises us is that VLC is now upgraded with a 4K playback ability.

Just keep in mind that only the latest version of VLC is equipped with the 4K decoding and playing feature. Upgrade your version or download the latest on your computer.


As an open-source program, you can download it on your Linux, Windows, or Mac computer as you want. VLC is one of those best 4K media players as it plays almost all video and audio file formats without conversion. You can utilize it for your input 4K Blu-ray discs, DVDs, VDCs, and CDs.

However, if you’re in high demand for audio quality, VLC may not fit you well due to the absence of a Dolby audio effect.

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4. KM Player – A universal video/music player

KM Player, commonly known as KMP, is a versatile utility to play video and audio. Programmed with the external support of all Windows codecs, KMP is capable to decode nearly all file formats with ease.

Same as VLC, KMP is also an open-source media player and it has a few things superior to VLC. For instance:]

  • KMP allows you to install audio and video plugins from Winamp to modify the quality of the movie.
  • KMP offers free 3D and VR enhancements for all videos, it might be the one and only free 3D 4K BD player in cyberspace.
Tip: Winamp is a media player for Windows, Mac OS, and Andriod. Its designers have created 7 types of plugins to improve its stability and performance for playing videos. Noted that those plugins are free to download and you can apply them to KMP as well.

In 2014, KMP published the Android and iOS versions, you can download one on your smartphone and watch a 4K movie too.

But KMP is also one of the most disturbing media players for its frequently occurred bugs. While playing full-HD and BDs, due to the bugs of decoding .m2ts files and lack of complete DTT 5.1 audio technology, KMP will likely play a silent movie or play only the audio.

5. DVDFab Player 6 Ultra – A computer-based theatre

Being famous for excellent video playback and audio effect, DVDFab Player 6 Ultra is one of the best BD/DVD players in cyberspace. It’s so powerful that it supports up-to-8K playback (as long as your screen can handle) and Dolby 7.1 surround sound effect.

DVDFab Player Play Blu Ray

To further improve the playback performance, this player is programmed with HDR 10, Hardware Acceleration, and 3D improvement. You can turn on all three options and watch a 4K movie in 3D vision.


  • HDR 10 is a color rendering Technology that makes the luminance of the movie more vivid.
  • Hardware Acceleration can help improve the video decoding performance and lighten the burden of your CPU.

Despite all the great efforts of DVDFab Player 6 provides, it has the highest pricing among all 4K BD players. For the 4K-supported Ultra version, you need to pay at least $69 yearly or you may pay $149 for a lifetime license.

To summarize

Above are the details of the 5 best 4K BD/DVD players for PC, you can pick up one depending on your need.

  • Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player will be your optimal choice for simplicity and crystal clear sound effect.
  • If you’re in pursuit of excellent enjoyment in frames, PowerDVD and DVDFab fit you most.
  • When your computer is already installed with VLC, try it then.
  • KMP is the tool for those professional and crazy movie fans.


1. What is a 4K movie?

4K refers to a display resolution that roughly reaches 4,000 pixels horizontally, typically, like 4096*2160 and higher.

So, a 4K movie is a video clip that has a resolution of approximately 4,000 horizontal pixels.

2. How to play 4K video on a computer?

To play a 4K video on your computer depends on what kind of videos you plan to watch.

If you’re watching a 4K video on YouTube or other platforms alike, you just need to turn the resolution of the video into 4K.

Or you plan to watch a 4K BD on your computer, you need to make sure if your hardware can decode it. If it can’t, you need to buy a Blu-ray drive and install a Blu–ray media player on your computer.

3. Where can I find a 4K movie?

You may buy a 4K Blu-ray disc at a store. Or you can stream a 4K video from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and YouTube.

4. Is 4K video available on YouTube?

Of course, there’s a massive amount of 4K videos on YouTube. You just need to get into one of the pages and set the resolution to 4K.

5. Can you tell the difference between 1080p and 4K?

4K is superior to 1080P.

The resolution of 1080P is 1920*1080. As for 4K, the bottom line goes to 4096*2880 which a lot higher.

But 4K video has a higher demand for the display device. If you play a 4K video on a computer, you’ll need to 4K media player and strong hardware.

6. Is Ultra HD the same as 4K?

These two items are genuinely different.

  • 4K is a movie standard for the movie and cinema industry. For moviemakers and cinema hosts, they will address a 4K movie only when it has a 4000-pixel horizontal resolution.
  • And UHD(Ultra High Definition) is a less strict standard for home-based movies. While HD equals 1980*1080, UHD further improves the resolution to 3840*2160 which is slightly lower than the 4K bottom line.