How to Compress AVI files without Losing Quality

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by Lucas Silva

AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) is probably one of the most popular and oldest video formats that have been published. AVI videos usually provide us good picture quality. It also adapts to most of the main-stream media players, which makes it very convenient to be operated. However, the video size of AVI files could be rather big and this may lead to many problems. First of all, big AVI files could take too much storage of our PC and slow down the system. We may also get troubles when we need to upload the video online, especially if there is a maximum limit for the uploaded document. To solve all these problems mentioned, the most straightforward way probably will be compressing those huge AVI files to smaller sizes. And this article will explain the ways of how to compress AVI files.

How to compress AVI files without losing quality?

To compress AVI files, there are several ways to do that.

1. Compress AIV Files to .zip or .rar

If you just need to store those AVI files on your laptop, then compressing them to .zip or .rar should be the easiest way. Another advantage of it is that the data you get after decompression will be exactly the same as to be compression. This means the video quality will remain unchanged. However, the compressing effect is not very satisfying. After testing, we found that a 1.7GB AVI file has only been reduced by 11.8% after being compressed to Zip format.

2. Compress AVI Files to a Smaller Size by Converting the Video Format

Converting the AVI video to another format could relatively reduce the size of the video file. And the best choice might be MP4, as it is also the format that being widely used in most of the media players.  By converting the video format from AVI to MP4, we found that the 1.7GB AVI video has been reduced by 18.8%.

3. Change the Video Parameter to Shrink AVI Files

Changing some of the video parameters, such as resolution (width*height) and bit rate can also be the way to reduce the video size. The higher the video resolution and bit rate, the larger the video size. After changing the video resolution from 1280*720 to 720*480, it is found that its size has been reduced by 41.2%.

4. Edit the Video Content to Reduce the Size of AVI Files

This is probably the most direct way to reduce the video size, editing the video content by cutting all the unnecessary or unwanted parts off and cropping some useless background out. The remained AVI video would be still in high quality but with a much smaller size. The compressing effect depends on how much the video has been edited.

Now I know the solution, but how can I do it?

Wondershare Uniconverter, the best AVI Compressor

There might be many video compressing tools you can find online, but Wondershare UniConveter does not like any of them. It is a powerful compressor that could help you reduce the AVI files to smaller size in almost all the ways mentioned above. No matter you want to convert the format, change the parameter or edit the video content, you can do all of them just in Wondershare Uniconverter.

Convert video format

To convert video format in Wondershare UniConverter, you can follow the steps below:

Select the video file you’d like to convert. By using Wondershare UniConverter, you can even select several videos at once and process them all together.

After selecting the video, click on the triangle button. Then choose the video format you’d like to convert to, in this case, we choose MP4. To ensure the output video remains the same quality, we need to choose “same as source” and then click on “Convert”.

Change the video parameter

To reduce the video size by changing the parameter, we can firstly click on the button as shown in the step1 of the picture below. Then you can choose the resolution and bitrate you’d like to have and click on “ok” and then convert the video.

Edit the video content

Click on the “Scissors” button, then you could cut the video into different segments. After that, select unwanted segments and delete them.

Click on the “Crop” icon beside the “Scissors” button. Then adjust the crop area on the pop-up window. The preview of the video will be shown below the edit window.

One last question: why should I choose Wondershare instead of other online compressors?

While compressing your AVI video online seems like a more attractive option compared with downloading software to your PC for video compressing, it might not be the best choice if you consider the potential problems. To compress your video online, you need to upload the video, convert it and then download the output. The whole process could take ages if the video file is too big or your internet speed is not ideal. Not to mention you need to start the whole process again if the internet is failed. What else? Most online compressors only support limited functions, they are usually not as powerful as the Wondershare UniConverter.

Wondershare UniConverter is the all-in-one compressor that could meet all your requirements for compressing AVI files to smaller size. Converting video format, changing video parameter and even editing your video, Wondershare supports all those functions. You can even compress a bunch of videos at one time which will largely save your efforts and time, especially when you have many videos to work on.