While it’s good to upgrade to a new phone once in a while, it’s a bit of a hassle if you’re moving from an Android to iPhone. They run on completely different platforms, which makes moving phone data quite challenging, unlike Android-to-Android or iPhone-to-iPhone transfers.

If you are switching from an Android phone to iPhone, you may be having the same challenges. Well, we have good news for you! The whole moving process doesn’t have to be so tedious, to be honest. Below, we have 2 ways that you can try to perform Android to iOS transfer with ease. Check them out!

Android To IOS Transfer Poster

Method 1: Transfer from Android to iOS via Move to iOS App

Apple may be a bit restrictive of cross-platform Bluetooth connections, but they are not heartless when it comes to phone transfer. Of course, they’d want you to transfer to Apple products.

So, they’ve created an app called Move to iOS that you can install on your Android phone. It can move important phone data such as contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, mail accounts, calendars, and even WhatsApp content. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1

Download and install Move to iOS on your Android phone. Then, on your iPhone, go to Apps & Data page and tap on Move Data from Android. Tap Continue afterward.

IPhone Move To IOS

Step 2

A code of 6-10 digits will appear on the iPhone’s screen. Then, proceed to your Android phone and open the Move to IOS app. Hit the Continue button as well. Read the terms and conditions and tap Agree.

Step 3

On the next screen, enter the provided code from the iPhone. Then, tap Continue and Connect. Then, the two phones will establish a secure connection. Once done, select the phone data you want to move and tap Continue.

Move To IOS

After that, the transfer will start. Just wait for it to finish and avoid using your phones as it may interrupt the process. You will know it’s done when the progress bar on the iPhone is full. Then, select Continue Setting Up iPhone to finish it.


Transferring your phone data wirelessly could be a bit slower than wired transfers, depending on how much data is being moved.

Also, the use of Move to iOS is recommended when you’re moving to a new iPhone that’s still in the setup stage. Move to iOS overwrites existing data, which could result in data loss if you have precious files on the target iPhone.

Method 2: Perform Android to iOS Transfer with iCareFone iTransGo

If you want a more reliable and faster move from Android to iOS, there’s a computer program you can use called iCareFone iTransGo. It’s designed to transfer Android phone data to iPhone quickly and easily.

Compared to Move to iOS that has 7-8hr transfer time, iTransGo has a 30-minute quick transfer speed, which really saves you time and effort. Apart from that, the latter also has a 99% success rate since it’s wired and not prone to interruption. And most importantly, it doesn’t overwrite files. Instead, it merges new data to your old ones, which ensures no data loss.


iCareFone iTransGo

Imports Everything from Android to iOS Without Factory Reset

  • Transfer data successfully from Android 13 to iOS 17
  • Supports Contact, photo, video, music, message, and more
  • A lossless transfer without a quality drop and file corruption

*Compatible with 8000+ Android devices and All iPhone models

Furthermore, iTransGo works by scanning and calculating the data on the Android phone in seconds. Once the scanning is complete, you can transfer all data or the ones of your choice to your iPhone with a click.

With iCareFone iTransGo, you can move the most important phone data you have such as:

  • Photos – jpg, png, gif, jpeg, heic, dng, bmp, tiff, webp
  • Videos – mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp
  • Messages – complete conversations and message history
  • Music files – favorite tracks and albums
  • Contacts – important contacts from school, work, family, and friends
  • Calendars – saved events and special notes and occasions

And the best part is that iCareFone iTransGo preserves the quality of all the data transferred. Your photos, videos, and music files will retain their original size. How cool is that!

Now if you think using this app is the best method for you, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Install the app on your Windows PC. Download the installer by clicking on the banner above. Once installed, run the program and then click on the Start button.

ITransGo Main Interface

Step 2

Connect your Android and iPhone using a reliable USB data cable. Next, you will have to allow certain permissions on both devices. There will be on-screen instructions on how to do it. Just follow them.

iTransGo Connected

Step 3

After enabling the required permissions, select the type of data you want to move to the iPhone. Check all of the items and select Start Scan. The scan should be done in a few seconds. Then, you will see the total size for each type of data.

iTransGo Select Data

Step 4

Check if the total size of the phone data can fit in your iPhone. If it does, then, you can click on the Transfer Data button to start the moving process. The speed of the transfer will vary depending on how much data is being sent to the iPhone.

Method 3: Transfer from Android to iOS via Google One Backup

There’s a built-in feature on Android phones that you can use to transfer to iOS. It’s called Google One. It can back up your essential phone data to your Google Account, making them accessible if you sync the same account to the target iOS device.  The phone data it supports are photos, videos, contacts, call logs, SMS, and MMS.

For reference, this is how it’s done on Samsung, but the process is pretty much the same with other brands.

Step 1

Open your Android phone’s Settings and proceed to Accounts and Backup. Then, select Back up Data and there will be notes on the screen about Google One backup. Read them and then tap Turn On to sync your data right away.

Samsung Backup Data

Step 2

On your iPhone, open Settings and go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. There, add the same Google Account used for the backup. After that, just toggle on the type of data you wish to be synced to the iPhone.

For your photos and videos, you can choose to install Google Photos to access them.

iPhone Add Google Account

However, you need to have a stable internet connection so your Android and iPhone can sync the data without interruption. Also, there’s a 15 GB limit to free accounts. If you need to transfer more data, you may subscribe to Google One for more storage.


Moving Android data to an iPhone is not that hard if you have the right methods to follow. The two ways we’ve presented above are the easiest and safest procedures for starters. It’s up to your situation which works for you.

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