Looking for a screen recorder developed by Adobe online? And the only tool you will get is Adobe Captivate.

So, what is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate is a very professional eLearning course creator with which you can make eye-catching and responsive courses and tutorials in minutes. It is super comprehensive and powerful, you can convert your PowerPoint speech into a video with beautiful interactions and annotations, you can make VR walkthroughs to demonstrate the inside of a building, you can create multi-module branched courses and you can even record the screen of your PC and webcam. As you can see the recording screen activity of your computer or webcam is just a tiny feature of Captivate. Sometimes, it can be very confusing for us to find one little thing you need in one place. Besides, you have to pay up to $1299 for recording your screen. That is surely not a good idea for us.

Adobe Screen Recorder Captivate

If you just need a tool to record your computer screen and make some simple demonstrations or record some activities on your PC, then you have a better choice. I will say Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the one that you are looking for.

What makes Aiseesoft Screen Recorder the Best Screen Capture Software

The features of a screen recorder appeal to users vary a lot from person to person. If you are a veteran of recording screen and even making money from what you record on your screen, then the features that you need will be very different to those who just want to make some simple video tutorials of show their friend how to shoot better in a video game. I am not going to say that you need this or that feature. Instead, I am going to list some of the features of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Whether you’re just starting to record screen or are a seasoned screen recording maker, I promise you’ll find it useful in the below guide.

  • Record Your Activity on Screen – If you want to make a tutorial or demonstration of something that you are good at. it will be better, if you can record and make mouse click visible so that your visitors won’t miss your operations and get confused.

  • Record Smooth and Size-Optimized Video – It is very important that the recorded video is smooth and in high framerate. Generally, when record a long video capture, a very large video file will be generated, which will lead to a shortage of storage on your computer. So, a recorder with size-optimization is preferred.

  • Record Screen Video or Audio – With Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you can easily record Online Videos, Gameplay, Podcasts, Online Meetings, Lectures, Online Calls, and any other things you do on your computer. If you have more than one monitor, you can lock the record area and do your work simultaneously. For audio recording, you can record all sound from system audio and you can even record your microphone voice if you like.

  • Record Webcam as Screen Overlay – Just like record online meetings, when you are recording your operations on your screen you can put a webcam on the screen and record your face and voice at the same time, which will make your tutorial more professional.

How to Capture Screen with Adobe Captivate Alternative – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

As a dedicated screen capture software, it is very straightforward. What you need to do is just to prepare yourself and things that you want to record on your screen. If you want to record microphone and webcam, please verify that they are working well. If you want to record YouTube videos, please make sure that your internet connection is stable and reliable, and please do make sure that your screen saver won’t activate automatically.

Let’s dive into the step to step guide.

Step 1 Download and install this screen recorder on your computer (only Windows and macOS supported).

Step 2 The program will start after the install. if it doesn’t, open it.

Step 3 On the main interface. Select Video Recorder.

Step 4 On the Video Recorder panel, choose the area that you want to record, you can choose Full or custom the area by dragging the borders. Then Click REC button to start your recording.

Screen Recorder Click REC button to Start

If you don’t want your recorder in the recorded video then you can choose to do your operation with hotkeys. Just go to Settings> Preferences > Hotkeys, you will see all Hotkeys to control your recording. If you like, you can modify them. I will strongly recommend you to write down those hotkeys on your notebook so that you would forget them and have to stop your recording.

Screen Recorder Settings Preferences

Screen Recorder Hotkeys

Above is just a very simplified version guide of how to use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, it is hard for us to go over all features of it. there are many others that you can explore and help you make stunning videos.