How to Get Rid of Google FRP with AddROM Bypass APK

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If you’ve reset your phone but forgot about its Google account details, you’d be stuck in the Google Verification screen because of Factory Reset Protection (FRP). It’s a feature that protects your Android phone from getting accessed after a factory reset.

In effect, you need to enter the correct, previous login information to verify your identity and gain access. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the device. While that seems beneficial, it can be a hindrance for you, too, if you really can’t remember your Google account.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s an app called AddROM Bypass APK that can be used to get rid of FRP once and for all. And we are going to tell you all about it. Read on to know more!

AddROM Bypass Poster

FYI: What Is AddROM Bypass APK

For starters, AddROM is an application that’s specifically made to bypass Google FRP on Android phones. It’s installed onto the FRP-locked phone, which means that you can bypass FRP without a computer. It’s completely free to download and use.

However, AddROM has limitations in terms of Android OS support. It only works on Android phones with OS versions 5 to 9. So, if yours run on Android 10 or later, consider an alternative program instead. In addition, AddROM has a 50% success rate on average. This is because you will need an extra phone and the process is quite complicated and long. If you miss one step, you’d start all over.

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Tutorial: How to Use AddROM to Bypass FRP on Android

Since your phone is locked and AddROM APK involves installing, you will need to have an extra Android phone to pull this off. Once you are able to secure one, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

While the locked phone is turned off, insert a valid SIM card into it. Then, power it on right after. Tap on Start on the Welcome Screen and hit Next until you reach the Google Account Verification page (FRP). Then, go to your extra phone.

Inserting SIM Card

Step 2

Using the extra phone, open a web browser and visit “”. There, go down a bit and hitHushSMS.apk” to download it. Then, install the app on the extra phone. It will be used to send the AddROM download link to the locked device.

Step 3

After installing HushSMS, launch it and tap “Send WAP Push SL”. There, you need to type in the number of the SIM you inserted into the locked phone. In the message box, enter “” and hit “Send WAP PUSH SL” again.

Step 4

On the locked device, YouTube will automatically launch, considering it’s a preinstalled app. Tap the Profile icon on the upper-right corner and open Settings and proceed to About. There, tap on YouTube Terms of Service. You should be redirected to a web browser.

YouTube App

Step 5

Tap the search bar and replace the address with “”. On the webpage, look for Google Account Manager (GAM) APK and FRP Bypass files. Download and install them both. Just make sure you select the one that’s compatible with your phone’s OS version.

Step 6

When installed, open FRP Bypass and tap the Menu icon. There, hit the “Browser Sign-in” option. Then, just sign in with your new Google account credentials and restart the device. After that, the FRP screen is removed and you should have full access to the device.

Alternative: What to Do Instead of Using AddROM Bypass APK

The whole process with AddROM is kind of tedious as it could take you 20-30 minutes. The good thing is it’s not the only solution to bypass FRP. There are far quicker and easier alternatives out there, and we happened to include three of them below.

Method 1: Reset Your Google Account to Bypass FRP

This is the official way to get through FRP. You just need to reset the Google account tied to the phone via Forgot Email/Password. However, this can only work if you’ve set up recovery information like a backup email address or phone number.

Step 1

On the Google FRP page, tap on the Forgot Password/Email option. Then, enter the recovery email or mobile number that’s linked to the account in question. Google will then send you a recovery link.

Google Forgot Password

Step 2

Check your emails/SMS and tap on the link. You should be redirected to a secure webpage where you can change the password of your account. Then, return to the page and enter the new login information to bypass FRP.


This method requires a WIFI connection so the changes you’ve made to the account can be applied.

Method 2: Bypass Google FRP with Gboard

There’s also a workaround to bypass FRP with Google Keyboard. This works by accessing the phone’s main Settings to enable the Developer Options and OEM Unlocking. But note that this only works on Android phones on OS version 6 or earlier. Also, the Gboard must be the phone’s default keyboard.

Step 1

Tap the email/password box on the FRP page to reveal the Google Keyboard. Then, long-press on the @ symbol to show options. Select Keyboard Settings. In there, hit the 3-dot option in the top-right corner and pick Help & Feedback.

Google Keyboard

Step 2

There, select and hold any text on the screen until you see options pop up. Choose Websearch and enter “Settings” onto the search bar to open the phone Settings. Next, scroll down to About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times to activate Developer Options.

Step 3

Go back to Settings and you can find Developer Options right below About Phone. In there, enable OEM Unlocking and tap the back button twice. Restart the device afterward.

After the phone reboots, connect to the WIFI and you should be able to add a new Google account, which would bypass FRP.

Method 3: Use Tenorshare 4uKey to Bypass Google FRP Easily

Aside from AddROM, there’s a much more powerful FRP tool called Tenorshare 4uKey. It’s quicker and easier to use. It provides on-screen instructions so average users can bypass Google FRP without much technical knowledge.

Not to mention, it has wide support for Android OS. It can remove the Google Lock (FRP) on Android phones as long as they run on Android 6-13. However, the Google FRP unlock feature is only available Samsung phones for now.

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4uKey works by disabling the Google Lock on the device, which effectively removes the Google Account tied to it. This means that you don’t need to reset passwords or do complicated steps. The program will help you bypass FRP with just a few clicks.


  • Computer (Windows/Mac)
  • Locked phone
  • USB Cable
  • Tenorshare 4uKey app

Now, if AddROM doesn’t work for your Samsung phone, 4uKey is the perfect alternative to go for. Just click on the banner above to download the app and get started.


AddROM Bypass APK is only one of the myriad solutions to bypass Google FRP. It doesn’t work on all Android phones, considering the OS version, and it’s complicated as it requires a secondary phone. But it surely is worth a try if your phone meets the mentioned conditions.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the alternatives above. They’re easier and much more effective when it comes to bypassing Google FRP.


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