3 Ways for Adding Music to Google Slides in 2023

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3 Ways for Adding Music to Google Slides

A good soundtrack would accurately lead the audience to the plot in a movie. For the same reason, background music also plays a vital role in a presentation.

You may have tried to add the songs in your Google Slides and encountered some problems. For example, you don’t know how to insert the music files in Google Slides, and so on.

Now, how about finding out the ways with us in few minutes, we will offer 3 methods for you:

1. Add Music files to Google Slides
2. Add YouTube video to Google Slides
3. Add Sharelink of Songs to Google Slides

After reading this article, you will clearly grasp how to painlessly add music to Google Slides.

Part 1. How to Add Music Files to Google Slides

To add local music files to Google Slides, you need to prepare the local music files. If you don’t have the songs on your PC, you can read how to download songs from the Internet first.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Upload the Music Files to Google Drive

Open Google Drive on your browser, drag the music files (MP3, WAV) from the local folder to Google Drive.

Then, the rate of the uploading progress will present on the bottom right of the browser.

Step 2: Insert the Music Files to Google Slides

Open Google Slides on your browser, click the Insert on the menu bar, and select the Audio on the dropdown list.

Insert Audio in the Google Slides

And, there will be a pop-up window present, and select the music files that you uploaded in Google Drive.

Select the Song on Google Drive

Then, the format option section will show on the right. You can choose Start playing > Automatically, if you want to make it automatically play background music. Also, you can change the volume of the background sound.

When you’re doing a presentation make sure the network is working, because the song won’t play even if you have set it to be available offline. However, you can play the background sound when you edit it.

How to Download Songs with Music Downloader

If you don’t have the music files, you can grab songs from streaming platforms or convert online video to audio files with a downloading software.

Musify Music Downloader is a great tool including many features:

  • Downloading Spotify songs.
  • Converting the online video to audio files from many popular websites (YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc)
  • One-click to download the songs.

Press the button below then you can download the Musify Music Downloader.

Now, we will show you how to download songs from SoundCloud. Let’s go through the specific steps:

Step 1: Copy the Share Link from the SoundCloud

If you find a song on SoundCloud, click the share icon under the songs. Then, the share window will pop up. Next, copy the link from it.

Copy the Link from Soundcloud

Step 2: Start the Downloading Process

Switch to Musify, click the Paste URL button, then the downloading process begins right away.

Paste the Share Link to Musify Music Downloader

Step 3: Find the Location of the Music Files

If the process ends, click the downloaded tab. And you can see the song, press the folder icon on the right.

You will see a folder open, where the song is located. You can add music to Google Slide right away.

Find the Location of the Music Files

Part 2. How to Add YouTube Video to Google Slides

If you don’t want to upload songs to Google Drive or download songs with the tool, you can also search the song on YouTube then insert it to Google Slides in these two steps.

Step 1: Add Video to Google Slides

Open a video you want to add, copy the link of this video from the address bar. You had better find a video longer than your presentation, since the video can’t repeatedly play it by itself.

Copy the Video Link in the Address Bar

Switch to Google Slides, select Insert on the menu bar, choose Video on the dropdown list.

And a window is popping up, paste the url in the search bar, click the magnifier icon on the right.

Paste the Link to Insert the Video

Step 2: Edit the Playing Mode and Hide the Video

Then, you can see the video. Double click it then the format options section pops, where you can decide how to play the video.

Go to the Video playback, click the Play (on click) and you will see three options:

  • Play (on click): The video will play if you click the side.
  • Play (automatically): The video will automatically play when it is in the presentation mode.
  • Play (manual): The video will play If you click the video in the slide.

Tips: Choose the first two if you want to hide the video during the presentation.

Scroll down to select Size and rotation, you can make the video small by editing the number of Width and Height. And move it to the grey area, then it will hide when you are giving the presentation.

Set the Video Automatically

Part 3. How to Add Sharelink of Songs to Google Slides

If you want to directly add a sharelink of the background music, you should make sure the song is available in the web player.

Here we will show you how to add sharelink of iTunes songs to Google Slides:

Step 1: Open iTunes on your PC (if you’re using Mac, open Apple Music app), right-click the song, select Share Song > Copy Link.

Step 2: Go to Google Slides, right-click the text box. Then select Link on the pop-up menu, paste the link. And you will see a window show.

Paste the link in the search bar and click the Apply button.

Add a Share Link to a Text Box

Note: It will be better to sign in to the corresponding web player. When you click the text box on the presentation, a web player will open in a new tab on your browser.

You need to play the music, then turn to the google slides tab to continue your presentation.


With three methods we mentioned above, you will know how to add music to Google Slides with music files, YouTube video, or sharelink of the song. Just pick one based on your needs.

For instance, if you want Google slides to automatically play or loop the background music in your presentation, you should add music files to Google Slides.

Moreover, if you don’t have music files in your computer, then you can choose to grab it from the internet with music downloader. Or insert a video to your Google Slides, which is able to automatically play, but it doesn’t support looping the track.

Sharelink is also a solution to add streaming music to your Slides, but it has to play onto a specific web player.

Remember to pay some attention to choose a proper background music since it is an important part of a great presentation. Good luck with the presentation!


You should make sure you have a good connection if you want to play the songs.

Yes, you can also record songs by Audio recorder.

We found that users can not insert the audio and video on Google Slide app. Please make sure you are opening the google slides on your browser such as Safari, Chrome, etc.

Make a folder in your google drive, drag the google slide and the audio files in that folder.

Then right-click the folder, and select Get link on the drop-down list.

Click the drop down arrow next to the Restricted, select Anyone with the link. Press Copy link and choose the Done button.

And you can paste the link in an email or text then send it with your friends.