A friend of my wife introduced “parasite” to her and gave it a lot of praise which interested us. We did some search and found that it is a great movie with good artistic quality. People said “A film that always has two thoughts in its head at once, a spectacular epic and tightly wound chamber piece, chicly sophisticated, brutal as a hammer.” about it.

We could not wait to watch this movie so I searched online and downloaded a Blu-way version in MKV and put it in my portable hard drive. Unfortunately, these are no English subtitle embedded. So I found one English subtitle in .srt for parasite and open it with VLC and add this third-party subtitle. And the subtitle got a 10 second delay. MAN!

At this moment, I think I have to a tool in this chaos. If you are suffering from similar problems, please keep reading this article, I will show you how to add subtitle to MKV and adjust the subtitle timing if you need it.

The first thing you need to do is to get the exact time span between the subtitle and the movie. To get the precise time, You can open the time counter on your phone and tap the record button at the point of the voice occur and the text display.

Then, open subtitle-sync-shifter and upload your subtitle file, srt, ass, ssa, smi, and webvtt are support. Then enter the offset time into the text field with label Shift (in milliseconds). If the audio is before the subtitle text, then enter the time in negative. If the audio is after the subtitle text, then enter the time in positive. Please note that 1 second = 1000 milliseconds. Click Shift button and you will be redirected to a page with ads, be patient, you will get a button to download the synced subtitle file.

Resync Sutitle on subtitletools.com

Step 1 Download and Install Video Converter Ultimate on your PC (Windows and macOS are supported).

Step 2 Launch the program and drag the MKV file into the panel.

import MKV to Video Converter

Step 3 You will have brief info of the video as below, please click the drop-down menu and choose the right audio soundtrack, click the plus icon after the title box to import the subtitle file.

Add subtitle to MKV file

Step 4 if you want to change the parameters of your video, you can open the Profile Settings box by clicking on the Settings button near the Profile drop-down menu. You can change the video format, Aspect Ratio, Video Bit-rate, and more here. As for me, I want to play this MKV movie on my TV, for better compatibility, I chose to convert the MKV to MP4. You can absolutely keep the original video codex of course.

Step 5 While you finish all settings, you can click the big blue Convert button to start the conversion. The conversion speed depends on the file size and computer capability. In minutes, you will have your MKV video added with some subtitles. Now you can watch the MKV video the subtitle that you can read anywhere you want.

IMPORTANT: The Video Converter Updates frequently, right after I finish this post, A subtitle offsetting feature has been added to the program. So, you don’t have to use a third-party tool to adjust the timing of your subtitle, just import your subtitle and edit it in one place.