How to Add Spotify Music to Fitbit Ionic in 2023

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How to Add Spotify Music to Fitbit Ionic in 2021

When it comes to playing Spotify music on the Fitbit Ionic, sure, you can install the Spotify app on it. However, the Spotify app on Fitbit Ionic is more like a remote-control.

In which, you can see the information of a song, like it or switch to another one. But you can’t play Spotify songs on Fitbit Ionic without carrying a smartphone.

You may be wondering if there is a way to add Spotify music to Fitbit Ionic. Yes, it’s.

If you have the music files on your PC, we can add music to Fitbit Ionic with iTunes/Windows Media Player. So to add Spotify songs to your Fitbit watch, you have to download Spotify songs to your computer first.

Part 1: Download Spotify Music with Music Downloader

Spotify doesn’t allow us to directly download the songs to our devices, but we can get the music files with a Spotify music downloader. To find a user-friendly and powerful one, we have tested a bunch of music downloaders. And Musify Music Downloader really brings us the best experience.

For instance, with Musify Music Downloader, we can download Spotify a song/album/playlist without a premium account, the only thing we need to do is paste the share link to the program. It also gives us several downloading quality options.

What’s more, it will save the original ID3 tag of each song. That means you don’t need to spend time editing the tags for making them display normally in the Fitbit Ionic.

You can download Musify Music downloader by clicking the button below.

The following steps will show you how to download the songs from Spotify with Musify:

Step 1: Get the Link of Spotify Songs

Open Spotify on your PC, select a playlist. And you will see the playlist page, click the three-dot icon beside the play button.

Then press Share > Copy link to playlist on the dropdown menu. Now, you have already copied the link.

Get Share Link on the Spotify Web Player

Step 2: Start to Download

Launch the program, press the Paste URL button. A window pops up, requiring your confirmation of which songs to download. (If you only paste the share link of a single song, then the window will not appear.)

Click the Download button, and the downloading process will immediately begin.

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

Step 3: Open the Output Folder

If you find there is no song in the downloading section, you can select the Downloaded tab.

And click a folder button on the right of each song. The folder will display, where all the downloaded music files are located.

With those files, we can go to the next part, let’s add Spotify songs to Fitbit Ionic.

Open the Output Folder of the Musify Music Downloader

Part 2: Add Music Files to Fitbit Ionic

Under the same WiFi, you can send downloaded songs to Fitbit Ionic with iTunes or Windows Media Player. Let’s see how we can get it done. This step we will illustrate with iTunes.

Step 1: Get Songs Ready for Transferring

Open iTunes, go to the music section. Right-click the left bottom left of the interface. Press New Playlist on the pop-up menu.

Then, you can select the playlist. And drag the songs from the output folder to it.

Create a New Playlist

Note: You need to allow iTunes to share playlist to your watch.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, click Share iTunes Library XML with other applications, then press the OK button.

Step 2: Connect Your Fitbit Ionic to the WiFi

If the Fitbit Ionic has connected to your WiFi, you can skip this step.

Unlock your smartphone, then tap the Fitbit app. Touch Today > the image of your profile > the image of your devices, scroll down to hit WiFi Settings > Add Network > your network > Connect.

Step 3: Install the Fitbit Connect on Your Desktop

Select the version that is fit to your system on the right (Windows 10, Mac OS).

If the installation is over, the Fitbit Connect window will appear.

Step 4: Transfer the music to Fitbit Ionic

(The step of the Windows 10 and Mac is the same)

1. After syncing your watch in the Fitbit app, turn off the Bluetooth on the mobile devices and desktop.

2. Charging Fitbit Ionic.

3. On your desktop, open Fitbit Connect, then select Manage My Music > Personal Music. (you may need to log in to your Fitbit account)

4. On your Fitbit Ionic, touch Music app, pat Transfer Music. (if you can’t find the transfer music button, scroll down)

5. After 1-2 min, your watch will connect. Then, you will see the Fitbit Connect window prompts on the desktop. In which, you can choose the playlist you want to transfer. And the process will begin in a second.

You will have the songs on your Fitbit Ionic soon.


As we said, users can’t directly play Spotify music on Fitbit Ionic without a smartphone. So, suppose you still want to play Spotify Music on Ionic, you can add Spotify Music files to it.

Although you need to spend some time, it is still worthwhile, Because once you have imported the songs to Fitbit Ionic, you can connect it with a wireless headphone before going for a run.

While running on the street and playing Spotify music on the Fitbit Ionic, you will find you are in that dreaming scene.


First of all, you need a Spotify Premium account, then follow these 3 steps:
1. Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone, touch Today > your profile image > your device image > Apps.
2. Hit the gear icon next to Spotify.
3. Pat Log In, and sign in to your Spotify Premium account.

Make sure the computer and Fitbit Ionic are connected to the same (working) WiFi.
Next, check the battery of your watch. If it is lower than 25%, the WiFi won’t work on it.
Then, if it still not working, you can follow these tips:
1. Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone, after 10 sec, turn it back.
2. Sync your Fitbit watch with your device.
3. Restart your watch.
4. Open the music app on Fitbit ionic, then touch Transfer Music.
5. Remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and try again to download playlists. (If you are doing it on Windows 10, do not minimize the window until it is complete.)

If you don’t earn money from it, this action is legal and won’t lead to any punishment.