Okay, we have all been through this at some point in time or another. Prepared a great report with enticing graphics only to realize at the eleventh hour that a crucial image or an important graph is missing. Adding this exclusion to your PDF report means editing the source in MS Word or other word processors, reformatting the document, and converting it to PDF. This can be quite a task, and if you are hard-pressed for time, this can be quite flustering. So, you wonder what if there was some tool or utility using which you could directly edit the PDF. Well, you will not have to wait for another decade for such a tool to become available as the market is flooded with PDF editors, which easily allow you to edit and insert image into PDF.

Here, we discuss two different PDF editors and how to add images using both.

Add Picture to PDF with pdfelement

This offering by Wondershare Technology allows you to scan and create documents from a wide range of formats, edit them and convert them to multiple formats with ease and effectiveness.

1. Insert image into PDF  as Content.

To insert image into PDF using PDFElement, do the following:

a.) Launch the PDF file by clicking on the “Open File” button. Traverse to the folder where the file is located, select the PDF file and click on “Open”.pdfelement-open-file

b.) Once the PDF file is loaded in the tray, go to the “Edit” tab and click on “Add Image” A dialog box appears from where you can navigate to the image that you want to add.pdfelement-add-image

Note: Here,  to make room for the picture you insert, you can click on the pdfelement-edit-text-image-objectEdit text and image object” button to drag the text box, press the Enter key or the Space bar in your pdf file. If you find the content is not editable, you can go to the “Convert” tab and use the OCR featurepdfelement-ocr to recognize scanned images as searchable and editable texts.

c.) Select the image or images that you want to insert and click on “Open.” The image/images will be loaded in the PDF file. You can reposition the image or align the image anywhere on the page by dragging it and pulling on its edges to resize it.

d.) The green dot on the top of the image can be held and moved to rotate the image by 360 degrees. Alternatively, you can right-click on the photo and select Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Overturn Horizontal and Overturn Vertical.
e.) If you need to delete the image for some reason, select the image, right-click on it, and select “Delete”/press the delete key on the keyboard to delete it.

f.) To replace an image, select it, right-click on it, and select “Replace Image”. Then navigate to the location of the new image and click “Open” to replace the existing image with the selected one.

g.) PDFElement also provides the Align option to align multiple images in a particular direction. Simply select multiple images by holding the Ctrl key, this will enable the Alignment options, which you can choose to move the images to the left, right, top, bottom, and center horizontal as well as center vertical.

h.) After making the required adjustments and edits, you can save the document by clicking on the file, selecting Save As, navigating to the desired location by using the Browse option, and saving the file using a suitable file name.

2. Add image to PDF as a stamp.

If you want to insert a frequently-used photo to your pdf files, then you can create a picture Stamp with the commenting tool of the program.

a.) Navigate to the “Comment” Tab from the program window.


b.) Click on the “Custom Stampspdfelement-custom-stamp button and select “Create“.

c.) You can enter the name of the stamp and click on the Select Picture button to choose the picture you want to add to pdf. Click OK to finish creating.

d.) To add photos to pdf as a stamp, go to the “Add Stamppdfelement-add-stamp button, select the image you just created from the “Custom”  section and move your cursor and click to add.

So the next time you want to insert this frequently used picture into other pdf files, you don’t need to import the picture to the pdf again.

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Insert Image into PDF with Nitro PDF

Developed by Nitro Software, Nitro PDF is a commercial tool used to create, scan, combine, edit, convert, and sign PDF files.

To add image to PDF using Nitro PDF, do the following:

a.) Open the PDF file in Nitro PDF and click on “Add Image.” Select the pointer icon and load an image from a file, scanner, or pasteboard.

b.) Use the raised handle to revolve the image as desired by 360 degrees.

c.) To resize and reposition the image, click on “Edit,” double-click on the image, select the “Format” option, and choose the “Size and Positions” group. This group provides options to crop the image by selecting the image and dragging its edges. It helps in repositioning the image by taking down x and y coordinates to put it at a precise location on the page.

d.) To replace the image, click on edit, then double-click on the image to be replaced and select the “Replace” option from the “Adjust” group in the “Format” tab. Navigate to the new image and click on open to replace the old image.

e.) To delete an image, click on “Edit,” then choose the image to be deleted, right-click on it and select “Delete” or press the delete key to erase the image.