Adding links to pdf will help to convey more information effectively. For example, terminology in pdf with hyperlinks helps readers to reach reference websites easily. In addition, hyperlinks within pdf files make browsing long text more convenient.

Now, let’s see how to add hyperlinks to pdf.

Method 1. Add hyperlink in pdf with Pdfelement

Pdfelement is a powerful pdf editor released by Wondershare. It helps you deal with pdf succinctly and efficiently. Now let’s see how to how to hyperlink pdf with this tool in detail.

Download pdfelement for Wins
Download pdfelement for Mac

Step 1. Run the tool and open a pdf file

After installation, you can launch pdfelement by double-clicking its icon. When you enter the main interface, you can see there are affluent function models to edit pdf files. Here we need to click ‘open file…’ button first to load pdf file. By the way, pdfelement can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, or even your smartphone, which means you can edit pdf files everywhere.

Step 2. Create a hyperlink in pdf with pdfelement

When the file is loaded, we can choose the “Edit” tab and find the “Link” button. Click the button, and drag the mouse to choose words or images you want to add a hyperlink in the pdf. After the target area was selected, a pop-up will appear to let you set the appearance and action details of the hyperlink. You can see there are many options in the image below. The appearance option allows you to set style details of the hyperlink in pdf.

Link action option gives you the choice to link to 1) another page within the same document, 2) website URL or 3) another local file, which meets most requirements.

If you want to know more detailed illustrations about these options, you can visit the official website of pdfelement. There are many tips and detailed manuals about this software.

Step 3. Edit link and save the file

When you finished setting, just click “Set Link” to save the configuration and finish inserting a hyperlink to the PDF file. What if you would like to edit the hyperlink? Just click ‘edit’> ‘link’ to edit existed links, as which is shown in the picture below.

By the way, please don’t forget to save the file after editing. You can save changes by clicking the ‘Save’ icon on the upper right of the interface or ‘Ctrl+s’ hotkey.

In fact, pdfelement can do much more than adding hyperlinks to pdf. It contains nearly all tools you can imagine to edit pdf documents. Pdfelement allows users to edit, annotate, convert, and print in one tool, which is really user-friendly. Supported by strong technology, you can even extract useful information from a scanned pdf by OCR function of it.

Download pdfelement for Wins
Download pdfelement for Mac

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Method 2. Create hyperlink in pdf by Acrobat

As the inventor of pdf format, Adobe provides an official pdf editor, Acrobat. It contains normal functions like format conversion, document editing, etc. If you bought the software, you can add hyperlinks to pdf in the ‘Edit pdf’ function. The followings are steps to create hyperlink in pdf.

Step 1. Open Adobe Acrobat, find ‘Tools’ on the top menu bar, click it and locate ‘Edit PDF’>’Link’>’Add or Edit’

Step 2. Select target content you want to add a link with the mouse. After selection, you could see a rectangle cover the text, and a pop-up named ‘Create Link’ will appear.

Step 3. In the ‘Create Link’ window, you could choose the type of hyperlink and its appearance. Similarly, you can also edit or remove hyperlinks of a pdf file there.

Method 3. Add hyperlinks in pdf online

Apart from inserting hyperlinks into pdf by software, you can choose to add links to pdf files online. For example, Google docs provide ways to add links in uploaded pdf files. Now let’s see how to hyperlink a pdf by Google docs.

Firstly, you need to register a google account and upload pdf on Google drive.

Then, open your pdf file with Google docs, select the target words, and click the link icon to add a hyperlink.

Seems really simple, right? Please pay attention that you can only add a website URL or e-mail address here, and you can’t edit the style of hyperlinks either.


Here we introduced three methods to hyperlink pdf, and just have a try to find which works best for you. If you need to edit pdf often, pdfelement seems to be the most cost-effective and time-saving tool among them.