Some documents we handle are highly time-sensitive. These include some reports such as finance, medicine, unique forms, and so on. In each of these, the inclusion of date information is highly essential. While still, you can add date information before converting the document into PDF, there are also other ways you can do so even after. The following guide gives you a clear trail on how to add date to pdf document.

Adding Date to PDF using PDFelement

Note that there could be many other ways to insert date to pdf document; however, here we will draw our focus on the easiest and fastest. The procedure below gives a clear guideline by using PDFelement, a sophisticated PDF editor, also an up-rising star in the PDF industry, to effect these additions.

Step 1. Click open your PDF document via PDFelement.

Click the button below to get a free trail downloaded on your PC. After installing and running the program, you can simply select and drag the PDF file to the program window to open.


Step 2. Click Edit> Header&Footer>New Header&Footer.pdfelement add new header footer

Step 3. From the New Header_Footer window, navigate to the Macros section and click the drop-down list, chose Date, then click the Settings icon(looks like a hex nut).pdfelement new header footer

Here in the Page number and date setting window, you can choose your preferred Date format from the drop-down list. Examples of these formats include: mm/yy, dd/mm/yyyy,, and much more (Usually, d’ represents the date, m’ month, and y’ year). Depending on your preferences and the document you are working on, you can always choose one.  Also, the configuration of the Page number format and Start page number can still be set here at the same time.pdfelement page number date setting

Step 4. After all the presetting, go to the Header & Footer section, click one of the six boxes to decide the most desirable place you want your date element to be placed,  then click +Insert Macro then to confirm your choice. In this case, you can put it next to the signature. Sometimes if it is a stamp, you can as well move it to the date location.

Step 5. If you think the date you add is too close to the main content, you can adjust the position from the Font section. When all are satisfied, click OK to finish.

Up to this point, you will have affected all the changes regarding adding a date to your document. You can, therefore, go ahead and print, save or send it to your email. Any problem with any of the above steps, there is always full support to back you up.

How to Add Date to PDF Signature

Note that, this procedure may too apply when considering how to add date to pdf signature – the drag and drop PDFelement feature plays a great role in this.

How to add date to pdf is a common industrial need that many business yearns. How to add date to pdf signature also the same. However, using the most reliable software like PDFelement makes your work not only more comfortable but fast. PDFelement offers several packages for its PDF editing services. Adding dates is, however, a common feature among its three packages. One fact about is pricing is that you start with a trial package. This will give you a better experience of how it works.
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PDFelement is an ideal software to make quick changes to your pdf document. Alongside adding dates, it allows you to perform other additional tasks such as creating, converting, and signing on pdf. Within all these tasks, you can still manipulate fonts, text styles, and positions to bring the quality document you want. When done, you can as well share the document on various platforms including email and social media.

PDFelement software works compatibly with all the windows versions plus the Mac OS. You can install it and begin its usage right away. Those with smartphones, there is an android version app that works well, even on tablets. However, these you can only use to make few and easy edits. The small viewer platform may not give you ample enough space to focus on.

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