Many users have their own opinions or ideas when viewing the contents of PDF documents, and are frustrated by the inability to comment on PDF because, by default, it’s uneditable.

To fix this problem, in this article, we will walk you through all the details about how to add comments in PDF. Just follow suit.

Add Comments to PDF with pdfelement for free

Pdfelement, a rising star in the pdf industry, can help you communicate ideas, provide feedback, or take notes on pdf documents with the complete and efficient commenting tools for Free!

Using the pdfelement, you can mark up an area with the Area Highlight tool and Drawing tools like line, arrow, or shape.

Alternatively, you can make comments to your pdf with the Typewriter tool, Note tool, and even Text Box tool.

As a cross-platform software, pdfelement enables you to add comments to pdf on your PC (Win, Mac) or handset (iPhone, iPad or Android devices).

Steps on How to Add Comments to PDF on PC (Win and Mac)

Step 1: First, download and install the desktop version of pdfelement on your win or mac.

Step 2: Right-click the pdf file you want to comment on and select Open With > Wondersahre PDFelement.

Step 3: From the program window, select Comment.


Add comment to pdf using the Note tools


  • Note(Sticky Note/ bubble Comment): Click on the note button pdfelement-noteor Press “Shift + Alt +1” on your keyboard, then click where you want to add a note in pdf. After entering the comment, you can click the “X” to close. If you hover the cursor on the note or double click the note icon, content in the bubble comment will pop up.
  • Typewriter: Click the Typewriter button pdfelement-typewriterand click the place you want to add the comment. You can adjust the font or font size in the Properties on the right side of the window.
  • Text Box: Click the Text Box buttonpdfelement-text-box or press “Shift + Alt + 2” to launch the tool. Like a Typewriter comment with border, you can adjust the color or others in the Properties
  • Area Highlight: Click the Area Highlight buttonpdfelement-area-highlight and highlight your desired area by dragging the mouse.

Add comment to pdf with Text Markup tools

To launch the text markup tool, you can click the tools on the menu, then select the text content to mark. Or you can select the text content first and mark it with the floating toolbar. No matter how you can change the color of the mark from the floating color toolbar.

Here are the icons of different text markup tools:

  • Highlightpdfelement-highlight
  • Strikethroughpdfelement-strikethrough
  • Underline pdfelement-underline(Hotkeys: Ctrl + U)
  • Squigglypdfelement-squiggly
  • Caretpdfelement-caret

Add handwritten Comment to pdf with Freehand Drawing tools

To make a more vivid annotation, you can use the drawing tools to add line, arrow, or shape.

Here are the icons and shortcuts of different Drawing tools:

  • Rectangle, pdfelement-rectangle, Shift + Alt + 6
  • Oval, pdfelement-oval, Shift + Alt + 5
  • Cloud, pdfelement-cloud, Shift + Alt + 8
  • Line, pdfelement-line, Shift + Alt + 3
  • Polygon, pdfelement-polygon, Shift + Alt + 7
  • Connected Lines, pdfelement-connected-lines, Shift + Alt + 9
  • Arrow, pdfelement-arrow, Shift + Alt + 4
  • Pencil, pdfelement-pencil, Shift + Alt + P
  • Eraser, pdfelement-eraser, Shift + Alt + E

 Create and add Stamp tools to comment on pdf

The Stamp tool offers many templates to help you add informational annotations to pdf. Just click on the Add Stamp buttonpdfelement-add-stamp and click where you want to add the stamp.

You can also paste images as comments by creating your own image stamps.

Click on the Custom Stamp buttonpdfelement-custom-stamp > Create. From the pop-up windows, you can edit the name of the new stamp and choose the image you want by clicking on the Select Picture button. You can select picture in different image formats (i.e. .jpg, .png, .bmp, etc). And click ok.

Then, to paste images as comments, click on the Add Stamp button, now you can see your newly created image stamps are in the Custom category. Just select and move your mouse to click on the place you want to add a stamp.

To resize a custom stamp, just click and hold the corner handle of the stamp and resize it to your specs.

Add Comments to pdf in a file attachment (audio, video, image, or Microsoft office file)

If you feel the need to add some supplementary material to the pdf, you can click on the Clip icon from the menu bar, move and double-click the Pin to the place you want to add the attachment comment. It can be a word file, anther PDF file, a video clip or audio, etc. Anytime you want to view the attachment, just double click on the Pin icon and click YES to open the attachment file. To see the name of the attachment, just hover your mouse on the Pin icon.

Note: Aside from Typewriter, Text Box, comment in attachment and Sticky Note itself, you can add a sticky note to every kind of annotation mentioned above.

Just Right-Click on the mark > select Open Pop-up Note, or double click the mark to open the sticky note of the mark. This feature can help you explain the intention of the comment mark. You can also use it to add tags to your comment.

Tips: To add comments to PDF more efficiently, you can use the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut to copy and paste the annotation.

Step 4. Set and edit comment on pdf

After adding the annotation to your pdf, you can edit and set the specs of it.

Right-click the annotation > select Properties.

From the Properties sidebar, you can edit the Color, Opacity, Font, Font Size, and change the Author name for comments, etc.

You can also move the comment by simply dragging with your mouse.

Step 5. Show and hide comments on pdf

To view comments on pdf or hide comments made by someone else, you can click on the Hide Annotation icon (the eye icon).

You can also use the hotkeys Ctrl + Shift +5 or Ctrl + D to show the list of comments.

From the comment history sidebar on the left side of the window, you can view the time when the comment made and the author’s information.

Sort comment: You can also sort the comment by Page, Date, Author, and Type. If you find an unnecessary comment, you can right-click and select Delete.

At last, don’t forget to save the pdf file after editing.


How to add comments to PDF on iPhone, iPhone or Android

If you are in a hurry and need to revise a paper/ project or sign a document in business on the way, then you can use the pdfelement to help.

Just find and install it from the App Store (for iPhone or iPad) or Google Play (for Android).

pdfelement-appWhen you launch the app, you will find that all the commenting tools in the desktop version are also available in this app. Besides, you can create your handwriting signature here, which is convenient for the users in business or education.


FAQ about comments on PDF

Q: Why cannot add comments to pdf? Here is the Fix.

A: Sometimes, you may have trouble to add comments to a pdf file which is protected. You can enable editing by entering the permission password. However, if you don’t have the password, you can use a PDF Password Remover to help.

Remove PDF Password in a Second

Q: How to export comments from pdf to excel

A: You will need pdfelement to batch export comments from pdf to excel.

Step 1. Open the pdf file with pdfelement.

Step 2. Click on the Form tab > Data Extraction > select Extract data from PDF form fields > Next.

If it’s your first time using the program, the program will ask to download the OCR Component after clicking on the Data Extraction.

Step 3. The program will export comments from the pdf file to a .csv file, you just need to click on the Finish button to open the excel file.