Bookmarks have without doubt become a handy tool when opening and reading a PDF file. A bookmark is usually present on the navigation pane and it helps us navigate easily to our saved links. It is of great use to have bookmarks present in PDF files as well especially when the document in question is a ‘How To Tutorial’ or an eBook. Additionally, they make it easy and efficient to navigate through the PDF document. For every bookmark used, they will go to a different place, page or view in the same file. They allow you to jump straight away to a particular section in the PDF without browsing through massive potions of text. Did you know that when a PDF is created bookmarks are usually generated automatically? The table of entries makes this feature possible especially when using an application such as PDFelement. So are you having problems adding bookmarks to PDF document?

The following article will show you how to bookmark PDF file or easily create bookmarks in PDF using an application called PDFelement, which is the rising star in the PDF industry, on your windows computer.

How to Add Bookmarks to PDF

First, Start By Opening the PDF File You Want to Bookmark

After downloading and installing the program on your Windows desktop or laptop, run the PDFelement. Then open the PDF file by dragging it to the program window.


Secondly, Creating the Bookmark in PDF format

  • Click on the Bookmark icon to unfold the sidebar on the border-left of the software interface. It should open up a dialogue box which should allow you to choose the text you wish to have added to the bookmark.
  • Go to the Home tab, left-click on the selecting toolpdfelement-Selection-tool-for-text-and-images, and select the content you want to bookmark.
  • Then click on the add bookmark option displayed in the dialogue box. You should notice a bookmark added to the left-hand side of the bookmark panel. You are free to make changes and edit the bookmark as shown below if you aren’t satisfied with the default settings.

Lastly, Make Changes to Your PDF Bookmark

After you create bookmarks in PDF, the next step is making changes or editing. With PDFelement application, editing the bookmark in your PDF document is easy.

Editing the bookmark allows you to make changes to the PDF bookmark according to your preferences.

Popular changes made to PDF bookmarks include renaming, adding other bookmarks or removing bookmarks. When using the PDFelement application, editing the bookmark has so many options. All you have to do is go to the bookmark and right-click on it to open a dialogue of options with one of them being ‘edit’.

Best PDF Editor

Adding bookmarks to PDF files is easy if you have a powerful tool like PDFelement. This application combines all the aspects of viewing and editing PDF files in more than one format. PDFelement is recommended by many professionals worldwide. Download this software on your windows computer to start viewing PDF files the way you want to. This application has an easy to use interface which makes it easy to use even for those who might not be familiar with PDF editing software. Additionally, these application features dozens of features that all come in handy when using PDF files in many formats. Adding bookmarks to PDF files has never been easier. So head on to PDFelement and change your PDF viewing experience.