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echoshare studio is a leading multimedia and utility tool (on Windows and macOS) platform that helps visitors to find the best multimedia tools like video codec conversion tool, online video downloader, blu-ray player software, blu-ray copy tool, blu-ray ripper, and utilities like PDF file editor and converter. By collecting tools like those aforementioned, we believe we bring great value and save time for our visitors.

Our Vision

“We will help our vistors to find the best software on windows and mac to manage their digital life.”

Lucas Silva, echoshare
echoshare vision

Our Story

Our team established officially in 2016, but our story begined much ealier than that. Originally, our founder Lucas was part of a famous software development company. He have witnessed the rising of the company and he saw how hard people were searching online for a good and reliable software to deal with their problems. He realized that someone should do something to bring the best software to those who are dead for them. So, we started echoshare sutdio in 2016. We test hundreds of software that people often need in their daily life. We compare them and pick up the best one in our opinion and we show people how to use them step by step. And by promoting these software on our site, we enable those software companies to accelerate sales so that they could keep making good stuff for us. To keep the running of our team, we join the affiliate programs and get commission credit from the sales that generate by us. Now, we have 4 members offcially and more than 5 part-time partners around the world and we will keep bringing you some amazing software.

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